Storyline Triggers Pane (Pain)

Articulate should change the behavior of the Triggers pane.

Because of Storyline's limitations for interactivity, I have to build everything from the ground up. When you have an activity with 30 objects, each requiring 6 triggers (unique due to variables required for feedback), the Triggers pane gets to quite long. When copying and pasting triggers, the annoying "jump" in a hindrance, to say the least.

I'll submit a feature (bug fix) request, but here are four things I'd like to see made to the Triggers pane:

  1. No jumping (auto-scrolling) when pasting triggers
  2. A search function to aid in checking variable usage
  3. The ability to export the Trigger pane contents to a text document
  4. An efficient way to comment triggers — currently, I use a dedicated "comment" variable to do so
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