Storyline Triggers & States


I'm new to using articulate, I used a template with tabs & layers and I am trying to add a trigger that the "next" button is disabled until all tabs have been "visited".  I'm not having any luck with it though. The tabs don't change to the light teal that I have for the"visited" state (do they need a trigger to do that?) They may flicker to the color, but don't stay that color. & they are never "visited" so the "next" button never reveals itself. 

Here's my template so you know what I"m talking about. Thanks in advance for any advice. 

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Mr C

Hi Ronnela

I made a couple of changes to the original file

I have found using buttons on the layers creates some issues so I put them on the base layer and trigger the other layers from there

I removed the visit first layer to ensure all tabs are clicked to activate the change the state of the next button

Hope this helps