Storyline "Try Mode" Challenges

I created a record screen video in view mode and learners will practice in "Try It" mode.  The challenge is "Try It" only allows learners to "click" (correct prompt shows), but, will not allow learners to type in the space following the "click."  The space is for the learner's "User-Id" and "Password." 

Attached is a copy of my challenge.  Please help!


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Crystal Horn

Thanks so much, Adam, for the help.

Paulette, you might be running into an issue described in this article about the misplacement of text entry boxes in screen recordings.  Different applications, when recorded, will communicate better or worse with Storyline.

Let us know if you need some more help!

Paulette Suggs

Adam and Crystal - Morning!  You two are the reasons I am grateful to be a part of the Articulate community!  Thank you Adam for the screen shot and Crystal I did record in Google Chrome.  So, I will switch to Internet Explorer.  Thanks again to the both of you!