Storyline tutorial 3b Triggered Layers


I am having trouble in the SLtutorial3B_Triggered Layers.As I follow along in video when I add a new layer it is filled with grey. In the tutorial it is filled with nothing and you can see the base layer below. I opened a case on this but am still having problems. The Articulate engineer said it has to do with slide masters. It would be helpful for any videos made in Peek to have audio narration as they are hard to follow. I tried to add and edit a new slide master but still having problems.Can anyone help?



Dave  W.

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Tom Kuhlmann


Good catch. I looked at the file and it looks like it's not working the way it should. When you create a layer, you should see that onion skin (grayed out) version of the baseline underneath. But that's not working as it should.

We created that demo file a few years ago in an older version and have updated it through the years. My guess is somewhere in the upgrade process something broke. 

We'll update that demo file.