Storyline Two - Checking for 'State'

Jun 11, 2015

Just as I can return the value in a variable by using '%variable%, is there a way I check for state?

I am attempting to change the state of an object from 'hidden' to 'selected' based on the value of a variable.  I can see that the variable has the needed value, yet the state of the object is not changing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lori,

You can't display the value of a state in the same way - but you can change it based on the value of the variable. If it's not working, are you possibly using the trigger "when variable changes" ? If so, that one can be tricky as the variable needs to change exactly on the slide where you also want the state to be adjusted - and if you've set it up also connected to the start of the timeline it could be problematic. Instead I'd look at changing it based on another "event" with a condition that the variable is equal to X. 

If you want to share your .story file we can take a look and offer up some other ideas. 

Lori Johnson

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for such a quick response.  I was making the change based on the value in the variable and when I displayed the variable, I could see that the variable had the value I was looking for.  It was when "the timeline starts" that was having a problem.  So I did find a solution.  I created a cue point just inside the timeline and change the trigger to "when the timeline reaches cue point #".  Worked like a charm. 



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