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Xavier Lamarche

Hi Christine,

We asked for help to Articulate Support but unfortunately the answers provided to us does not solve our problems. Our publications Storyline V3 does not run on IE9. We have identified an updated driver for the graphics card will solve the problem on some PCs. But we can't ask our customers (large French companies) to update their computer just to make run Storyline Module.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Xavier,

If it's an issue with a video driver.. to be honest that sounds a bit odd for a limitation with Internet Explorer. Not sure how that came about as a solution or suggestion. 

I haven't had any luck finding a support case in our system for this issue. Do you still have access to the case number? I'd be happy to take a look and see what was already discussed regarding the issue and see if we can find another option.


Robert Stewart

I've ran Storyline in IE8 and IE9 using windows 7 with no problems. I'm using IE10 on windows 8 no problem.

Storyline is just a webpage using Flash and some JavaScript. I'd say it's a Flash version issue or permissions on the folder.

I've also test using Chrome and Firefox. Safari for Windows in crap and not supported any more so I don't care.

Hardware?? Did the IT guy sell you something? JavaScript error? The only thing I get on error console is bad inline css coding. I've told them to add px to CSS position styles before but they never listen.