Storyline Update 3: Logo missing in HTML5

Letting you know I have a new course published with Update 3.  Last night I thought I'd review the HTML5 using iPad4/Safari.  Overall it plays far better than any previous release.  I heard the HTML5 logo issue was fixed for sure in this release, but there it was, the blank rectangle in the upper left where the logo should be.  This course was completely authored in Update 3.  The vacant logo isn't a hold over from some prior release.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Sam,

Sounds like this file was created entirely using Update 3, correct? None of the content in the file was added with a previous version?

If you remove and re-add the logo, is it still missing in the HTML5 output? 

If removing it and re-adding the logo doesn't fix the problem, we may need to do some testing. As far as we're aware (from the notes I've read) this should've been resolved in the update. If there's something going on, it'd be great if we could take a look at the file and see what's happening. 

Any chance you can share the course with us?

Thanks, Sam!

Sam Carter

Hi Christine,

I'm familiar with the solution of deleting the logo and adding it again.  This is an old problem that I heard was addressed in this release.  Just wanted to let you all know that it is still there.  I could be quiet about it and move on with the workaround.  I thought I should let you know.