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Bret Deardorff

Hi John, I too have had some issues. I had some issues with visited states no longer working properly. I have submitted to articulate and apparently they are still evaluating the issue. I also reverted to the original version. Articulate support has been very helpful to let me know it is an issue with the update but no resolution has been offered. I would suspect that they are working on an additional update once they identify and fix the problem.

John Eastman

Bruce Graham said:

Hi John,

Can you define "unstable" a little more clearly?

What have you experienced, and are you able to reproduce "instability"?


Main issue was duplicating slides always made it crash, no matter which computer. Reverting back to original version removed this issue. I guess it made me nervous about other potential crashes too.

Peter Anderson

Sorry for any trouble, John. As Bruce and Bret have suggested, the more you can tell us, the better our future builds can be. 

Regarding the copying / duplicating slides, we're aware of an issue when copying / duplicating screen recording slides. Is that where you're seeing the issues, or are you also having trouble with regular content slides as well?