Storyline Update Issues

Jan 03, 2013

Hi Guys, thank you for the Storyline update....

BUT my team and I have noticed  many bugs occurring that NEVER used to happen before! Firstly copying audio from one layer to another slide, does not paste the audio -  secondly copying and pasting elements in button states to not carry over the picture effects ( such as drop shadows etc )

Please advise, if you have noticed these things too... very frustrating!


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Tracy Buthe

I was beginning to think it was just me.

I have noticed many things are not as "nice" as they used to be. :-( I am experiencing crashes when recording audio in my file. That never happened before. It isn't my file because I have experienced this in multiple files. I have reported each instance to Articulate.

Buttons aren't working the same way they used too. I have had to delete buttons and use rectangles with triggers instead.  Undo still has issues - i really don't notice any improvement there.

Losing a lot of time here. But Storyline is still the best and my favorite tool. Just needs a few tweaks ... i'm trying to patiently wait but I'd love to see some patches coming out. Just sayin'...

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