StoryLine URL Address needed

Hello Wonderful E-Learning Heros!!

Please point me in the right direction. I created a performance support platform in Storyline, my boss and all of the people that would use it, love it. My trouble is that I need this platform to have its own URL address. Our server, well let's just say I do not have the IT infrastructure that I need. I know that RISE would create an URL but my platform is already created and I need to roll out the platform 10/2/18 and it needs a home. How do I do this? Thank you so much! 

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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Marquita,

In order to have your Storyline course accessible on the internet, you'll need to upload it to a server (which will cost money/require an account). Since you don't have an IT team to help you out, using Amazon S3 would probably be your best bet. Here's a blog post that explains how to upload courses: