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Christie Pollick

Hi, Erica - 

Please check out this tutorial on How to Import Slides From Other Articulate Storyline Projects. Also important to note, you can import SL1 files into SL2, but not the other way around. Please see this information on Backward Compatibility.  

If you are experiencing issues, it is important to also make sure that you are working locally, as that may cause erratic behavior, and when working on files between colleagues, it is helpful to review this information on the Recommended Workflow for Collaborative Network Environments. Hope that helps! :)

Erica Tyler

The tricky part is that Articulate v1 is on a laptop. The library purchased Articulate Storyline 2 for my computer. I am still pretty new here, and I have never used Articulate before. I am a little confused as to how I can get the project files that I need onto my computer so I can import to make edits. 


Thank you!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Erica - This information on Publishing and Sharing Articulate Storyline Content will give you options as far as having your colleague with SL1 on their laptop upload their files to a service like Dropbox, etc. so you can download their file to your machine from there. You will then see a warning prompt asking if you would like to upgrade the file to the latest version of Storyline and you need to click yes. 

I do want to remind you though, you will be able to edit the SL1 files within SL2 on your machine, but your colleague will not be able to open files edited in SL2 on their machine with SL1 (as again, SL2 is not backwards compatible with SL1). 

Erica Tyler

Sorry to keep bothering you, but I am still having trouble with this.
I guess my question is actually if I need to rename the files from .html to .storytemplate or something. The issue I was running into is that the files are not showing up on my computer. I have them in my Articulate Project folder. I downloaded the Software Map output files.

I have the files. But when I try to import while I am in Articulate, I do not see any files. The folders are empty.


Am I able to import the version 1 files so that I can edit? If so, what am I missing?

Thank you!