Storyline v3 - Why is the Player Menu list behaving like a Next action?

Jan 24, 2020

Hello all,

All my Storyline v3 lessons include a simplified menu of just the first slide of each scene. I include the menu as an additional navigation tool, however, it's not working as expected. The first selection, 2, 3, or 4 will immediately navigate to the selected scene, however, each subsequent selection 1 - 4, behaves like a Next Scene action. If I click on any of the selections (1-4), the play will page through each scene to the assessment. There are 20 questions in the assessment and again, clicking any of the menu selections (1-4) will page through each of the  questions with no need to answer and click the Submit button. Once the navigation hits the questions, there is no going back each click selection will Next through each of the questions, to the end. 

Menu - Player editor and published view


My Story view is quite simple:

Story View


Can anyone explain this behavior? I looked and cannot find any underlying configuration that I can correct to stop this behavior. Did I do something wrong?

 So basically, the menu is non-functional and destructive to the lesson. I will need to edit the Player configuration to remove the side-menu. 


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