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AJ Bembry


I haven't found a limit yet on how big the course can be for Storyline, per se, but I have found issues where the course can be too big for certain LMS. I would recommend running your videos through MP4 FastStart, which will allow your vids to begin playing while they still load in the background. Otherwise, your user may have to wait for the entire clip to load, and that proved cumbersome for some of the projects I was working on. 

If you do find a critical mass for the course, please let me know. I'm curious as well.

Mike Taylor

Hi Scott! Are you concerned about the .story file crashing while you're working on it or the published output?

There is another thread on big/long courses here and some info on how published Storyline content is preloaded here.  Personally I've built and published courses with video as big as 230MB without any problems. Of course, the specs of the machine ie. how much RAM it has etc can be a factor too.