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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi David,

Thanks so much for providing this. You did a great job explaining it clearly and concisely in the instructional video. I do have some followup questions for you.

Your idea is similar to the way a few of us were tossing ideas around about adding a notepad of some sort in another thread. And the couple things that had bothered me, for the Learner's sake, still seem to be here. I'm wondering if you know of a way to modify this so the Learner wouldn't have to struggle to edit or look at notes after they've been entered. I'll try to explain what I mean.

Unanticipated Highlighted Text

Let's say I have3 slides and I enter some notes into the notepad on Slide 1. The notes take up several lines. So far so good.

Now I'm at Slide two, and I click to View the Notepad. I'm ready to enter text, but when I click in the data entry box, all the previously entered text is highlighted. Of course it unhighlights as soon as I click outside the highlighted area,but, I personally would like to eliminate it for 2 reasons.

1. User Error: If Learners are not careful and begin to type immediately, all their notes go away. And there's no undo here that I'm aware of.

2. Design for Learners - it's not what Learners are accustomed to.

So, essentially they'd need to be instructed about how to use the notepad

Scrolling - or Lack Thereof

So, I entered text at slide 2 - enough text that a scroll bar appeared. Yeah! Nice.

Now I'm at Slide 3, and I click to write notes. The notepad appears, but it's showing me the beginning of the notes, what I typed in at Slide 1. And, there's no scroll bar. I'm perplexed. When I click in the box, all of my text appears, with the highlight of course, and I can now see "the end" of my text and begin adding new text. And the scroll bar reappears.

I decide to go back one slide - that is, to slide 2. I click on View Notepad, and my "beginning" notes are again displayed, and there's no scrollbar. I'm perplexed. And, when I click in the notepad, the scrollbar doesn't immediately appear.

User Design: Again, this is not the behavior users are accustomed to with scrollbars. Typically, if there's too much content to be displayed, scrollbars appear automatically.

A conundrum

I'd tried, a few months back, to insert the data entry box into a scrolling panel. That mucked things up because at times there were two scroll bars appearing: the scrolling panel scroll bar and the "default" scrollbar.

I'd REALLY like to figure this out, and I know a lot of people are looking to work this out as well, which is why I'm asking if you know how these 2 things (the highlighting and the scrollbar issue) might be mitigated for ease of use.

Thanks again for your generosity in sharing this with the community. This may just be a limitation of Storyline. But, I'm hoping not. You, or a Superhero, to the rescue?