Storyline - video weirdness after publish

Nov 05, 2012

Hi all,

I have an series of MP4 video direct from a vendor that was created for a safety campaign we're doing. I can import the video into Storyline just fine, previewing looks great, but publishing causes the video to go blurry and unwatchable. I've attached a few screenshots to show you. The video plays fine direct from my desktop and again when previewing in Storyline but doesn't when published. I'm using the highest video quality on publish as well.

Can anyone offer me any suggestions?

Preview from Storyline:

Publish: Blurry

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Lee!

In Leah's case, it was an issue with proper encoding. Here's Vira's response to her:

It appears your MP4 files are not encoded to a supported format. For best results, please re-encode the MP4 movie using the H.264 codec. 

As another option, you can try converting your video to MP4 format using another conversion tool, such as HandBrake (, which is a free tool. Here is a video screencast on how to use HandBrake to convert videos to be used with Articulate software: 

Hope that's helpful!

Lee Millard

Thanks Peter. Unfortunately, that answer did not solve our issue. What we did was import an mp4 screen recording into SL (from a file), and it looked crisp in Preview, but once published the quality was compressed and was not as crisp. We also set the video and image quality in the publish screen to 100% and published to web.

I've been searching the other posts in the forum as well, but nothing's working yet. The outcome is not nearly as bad as Leah's, but there is a definite degradation.


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