Storyline view on Ipad and other tablets?

Oct 21, 2016

We currently deploy our Storyline Scorm modules via our LMS which look fine on a desktop PC or Mac but are very clunky to use via an Ipad or Android device (see screen capture attachment) even though the 'Use Articulate Player for iOS & Android' option is selected when publishing to SCORM.

How do you see a normal startup screen on an Ipad or Android tablet?

Is the only option to use the Articulate app on the Ipad and bypass the browser?

regards Greg

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Greg and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 

If you are publishing the content for AMP, then yes, this is the screen you will see. You must first launch the content to even get it to display in the Articulate Mobile Player, so there is not really a way to bypass the browser.

You do have the ability to utilize the HTML5 content if you do not wish to use the app. You can read more about our viewing system requirements here.

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