Storyline Vs Articulate studio 12

Jun 26, 2012

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Hello everybody,

I have a question, we are thinking of using Articulate Storyline, but I know Articulate Studio 12 is coming, so I wonder what is the best option for us ? Is it really worth it to use Storyline, what are the advantages? I know it's a tricky question since Studio 2012 is not here yet, but do you think we should wait?

Thank you !

Have a good day


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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, all we have officially is this:

A lot depends on the type of e-learning that  you want to create and the skill level of your developers.  If you want highly interactive, media-rich training and the developers have good PC skills, I'd go Storyline in a Flash.

Ruth Book

We have over 50 courses published on our lms using Studio 09. Can I combine the two products? I want to edit and upgrade earlier courses. If we go with Storyline I have to start all over, I assume.

Can I edit courses developed using 09 with the new 12?

This is quite a dilemma for us. I'm looking for those who have had to make similar decisions.

Simon Ray

Hi Guys

I'm fairly new to the whole Articulate suite of software, but I have to say, I am enjoying using Storyline.  My office has been utilising Studio until now, and will get the upgrade to '12, but I am recommending they purchase Storyline for the following reasons:

  1. It is all in one. No separate software packages for each type of interactive/quiz/...
  2. It does screen capture and recording.  Vital for explaining how to navigate a website or program etc...
  3. The layers and variables are fabulous
  4. You can import and edit older Studio 09 pressies in Storyline.

I could go on.  I would get Storyline...

Ruth Book

If it works to import and edit the older Studio 09 into Storyline and then republish the course, that would really make a difference in our decision. Simon, I'm interested in hearing more!  Tell me what you mean by edit -- just a few slides? Or do you have to edit the entire course in Storyline?

Thanks so much for responding!

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