Storyline vs Captivate

I am really interested in Storyline since it will allow me to build scenarios, branching etc. Unfortunately it  seems Storyline has no ready made interactions like Studio 09. Studio 09 however won't allow the type of branching I'd like to do. I see Captivate not only allows branching etc. but also has ready made interactions.

I prefer Articulate's user support and would rather go with this product. Though, what about the lack of pre-buildt interactions in Storyline? Can anyone advise me?

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Harri C

Hi Jake,

I've used both authoring tools  and as far as I'm concerned Storyline far surpasses Captivate in a number of ways.

Storyline does come with pre-built mechanics for interactions and branching is completely customization you just need to manipulate variables.

What features are you specifically interested in?

Ps below are images of some of the prebuilt interactions

Hope this helps.


Rich Calcutt

Harri C is absolutely right on this one. Storyline has a bunch of pre-built interactions that are great. 

I worked with Captivate recently and I found it very clunky - things just seemed to take forever to build. Perhaps it depends on the level to which you want to customize and build courses that look bespoke? I'd say if you want to make things that look quite generic, then go Captivate. If you want more of a blank canvas to make really interesting looking and original courses, go Storyline. 

And as you say, the community support for Articulate far exceeds that of Captivate. 

Not that I'm a zealot or anything...

Jake du Toit

Thank you for all the brilliant feedback. I had a look at these Storyline interactions on a trial version. Some issues:

1)  To insert an extra tab I have to resize all the tabs. A very laborious process. On the Capitvate equivalent I can simply specify I want another layer/tab etc. via an easy to use control, much like in Engage Interactions.

2) Also, Captivate's interactions includes circles, pyramids etc. which is more interesting than the box/tab like designs of Storyline. Please tell me there are equivalents for Storyline. ) I really don't want to go with the Adobe product.

3) Will Storyline ever get a text to voice converter?

4) Please explain what you mean with the Captivate end product having a 'generic' feel? I don't want that in my courseware.



Harri C

Hi Jake,

When considering the different interactions it may be worth me mentioning that in Storyline practically any onscreen element can be interactive, so if you need an interaction using circles simply draw a circle and add a trigger to it. 

When using Captivate I found  the click boxes very limiting.

If you want to see some great examples of what storyline is capable of check out the showcase

Rich Calcutt

Jake - Since I built a project in Captivate a little while ago, I really found it hard to get the bespoke feel I wanted as easily in Storyline. 

I'm sure you could make the same bespoke course with both Storyline and Captivate, but IMO it would take substantially longer in Captivate, in no small part due to the fact that slide objects in Storyline are far easier to manipulate and use as part of your interactions and triggers. 

However, one area that Storyline lacks in is good HTML5 exporting. I have found it rather erratic in that respect. I don't know that Captivate is any better, but if you're building content for mobile it is another aspect to consider and try out with the demos.