Storyline vs Captivate for software training and interactions

Oct 24, 2013


I've been learning Storyline since the beginning of the year. I've also had some very brief training in Captivate, however I haven't really used it as yet as it's rather slow on my current computer (plus I'm still learning Storyline!). I need to re-write an old course which trains our staff to learn a software program. The videos for the course were created in Captivate, but it appears as if they were imported into Presenter. It is quite interactive, requesting learners to click on various parts of the software screen to show them the outcomes of several functions. From what I can work out from the published file, it uses hotspots and captions - all placed adjacent to or on the buttons being discussed. Does Storyline or Replay offer this kind of functionality? I have had a play with the video functions of both and it doesn't seem as if I can place buttons and/or hotspot triggers or captions on the video, although I can use the simple captioning available in Replay. Will I need to create this course in Captivate? Or am I currently just not able to see how to do this in Storyline?

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Jerson  Campos

Storyline and Captivate are very similar and create what you are looking for, but they go about it slightly different. While I find Storyline easier to use and develop interactions, it's not as customizable as Captivate. Replay is really a simple screencast tool, not for building interactive courses. If you have to source files, you could import the old file into captivate and update anything that needs it.  If you need to recapture a majority of it, then you could decide on either software. I suggest to do a a demo/test file. Capture a few slides, insert some interactivity in Storyline, then try to make it the same in Captivate (or vice versa). Then ask yourself which did you like better? Which software allowed you to work faster?  If you have any question on captivate you can PM me. My company works in Captivate alone. I've been trying to make them switch to Storyline since I started.

Lil Monk

Thanks for the responses, everyone, but I'm still a bit lost. I've found the 'edit video' button in Storyline, but it doesn't seem to offer me much. How do I add buttons/hotspots and captions in the middle of a video? How do I set up triggers to start and stop play of the video? Are there any tutorials on this? I can see that I can still access the 'insert' menu from the 'edit video' screen, but I don't know how to strategically place objects in the video. 

Mike Enders


Here's a good getting started tutorial on screen recording:  Start here and on the right hand side of the screen, you'll some getting started tutorials.

The key to customization is really about how you choose to insert the video (view, try, test).  Once you insert, you'll be able to go in and work with the captions, etc.


Lil Monk

Thanks, Leslie and Mike.

Mike, that was exactly what I needed to read, though I've obviously been looking straight past it. I had made the assumption that inserting a video would be like inserting an image, but clearly that isn't the case. All I needed to know was to insert it as step-by-step slides and suddenly my world became a whole lot lighter. I was thinking I would have to learn Captivate as well, so I'm glad to know that I'm still developing my knowledge of one very good program.

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