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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nikki,

Great question and, why you'd choose one of the other may be a very personal decision! I'll be curious to hear what others in the community say. 

For most of the courses a company needs, Rise is perfect. It’s quick, the output is beautiful, and the content is inherently responsive. If a company needs courses that include custom interactivity and/or scenario-based learning then they’ll want to use Storyline.

Choosing the right tool is certainly important. Luckily with Articulate 360 you have access to all of them, and you could even look at using Storyline with Rise!  Here's a further analysis of how the pros have been using Storyline and Rise! 

I cannot wait to see what others share with you here! 😀

Scott Maxwell

I'm trying to address this question myself as well. I have 6 units of a course to build out and have essentially played with and built out in Articulate Rise. It's fast, light-weight and something that I can build out a template for and ask SMEs to use without too much instruction and the chance for error.

Having said that what kills it is the lack of interactivity, sound and marker integration that storyline 360 affords. But the build-out time is considerably slower if you have to start from scratch and build triggers. Both lack in features the other has; for instance, why isn't the progress bar built into 360, but works seamlessly in Rise. To make a progress bar from scratch using triggers puts me off 360, but the customization, pathing, and interactivity make me want to stay.

Simply put, it's like choosing between two equally beautiful partners: one is older, requires time, patience and a bit of knowledge but the end result is a finer, more polished experience; whereas, the other is younger, flashier but past that is quite limited in depth.

Fast build out with little depth = Rise
Slower build out but more professional product = 360

I'm spending the weekend rebuilding a lesson in Storyline 360, then presenting both options to my stakeholder to decide. Having options is always a pleasure.

My initial thoughts are that Rise would be great if they added more customization and a smart idea would be a community-generated template hub or more interactions.