Storyline Vs Storyline Engage

Apr 19, 2013

I have Articulate Storyline and I was told that Engage offers some additional functionality that I could import into Storyline to apply a little bit more polish to the course navigation etc.

Basically I want to know what it could do that I cannot already do with Storyline and would it be a worthwhile purchase. Can you point me in the direction of a video demo or a feature comparison?



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David Anderson

The only thing Engage gives you is a form-based UI for adding text, graphics and multimedia. The reason users love Engage so much is that it creates beautiful interactions without the need for graphic design skills. The reason users grow out of Engage is they can't customize or extend Engage beyond the defaults.

Storyline is an entirely different program and can be used to create Engage-type interactions and a whole bunch more

stanton mackellar

Thanks for your feedback everyone. Very helpful. I had seen a couple of nice course examples on the hall of fame (e.g. the UK MacDonalds course) that included some nice graphical interactions that I was unable to reproduce exactly in Storyline. I was told that the fancy bits were done in Engage and, to your point David, they appealed to me due to my graphic design disability



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