Storyline vs. Studio 12

May 22, 2012

I am trying to understand the fundamental differences between these two products.

Near as I can tell the difference is that  Storyline has an integrated authoring tool -- whereas the authoring vehicle in Studio is PowerPoint.

Otherwise they seem to be basically the same.

Something I am missing?

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Jamie Morgan

Just my 2 cents here, but the offering of variables and conditions with Storyline makes it a very powerful tool in comparison to Studio. By using variables & conditions, you can create almost any type of interaction and make things more interesting than the pre-built Engage interactions.

Also, by building inside of Storyline, you get a finished product that is seemless whereas Studio it becomes obvious that it's several separate products glued together to create the course (Presenter, Quizmaker, & Engage).

Hope that helps.

Gabe Anderson

Damian Maldonado said:

Thanks Mashrur!  Software capture is such a great feature in storyline!  May be worth it just for that.

Yes, screen recording / software simulation is a great part of Storyline.

Also, don't forget, too, that if you prefer to stick with Studio and PowerPoint-based authoring, you can also embed screen recordings you create with Screenr into Presenter (though you don't get the View / Try / Test modes as in Storyline - you just get the video recording).

See the following link for tips on using Screenr:

You can add a Screenr video to Presenter as a web object. Here's how:

You can also download unbranded MP4s of your Screenr screencasts and use them in your elearning:

April Edmonds

I think I am going to just wait for Articulate Studio 2012. I can't afford to buy Storyline and then turn around and purchase Studio '12. I already have Camtasia (although not the latest version).  Many of the features of Storyline are supposed to be incorporated into Studio '12. Just can't justify additional cost right now.


Mohd Hasan

I'm wondering about the slide size in Studio 12. In Studio 09 it is set to 720x540 and if you have a bigger slide the player comes on top of it.

What about Studio 12? Will it allow the player to accommodate larger slides such as storyline? This is a key factor for me to choose between the products as my slides are quite large (screen recording done by another software)


Gerry Wasiluk

Having just completed two new client projects in Presenter, all I can say is I so much more prefer Storyline.  If I had to choose, and had a fair-to-good background picking up a few simple programming concepts, I'd go Storyline--no doubt about it.  Wherever possible, I encourage my clients now to let me use Storyline.

As much as I love Presenter, it is still an add-in to PowerPoint and many external things are called in.  The Articulate wizards have been very clever in accomplishing things.  But calling in external applications or functions Quizmaker or Engage or things like Slide Properties are sometimes dicey--and take too long sometimes.

Storyline, in contrast, is a single, integrated application and there are definite technical advantages to this approach.

In the best of all worlds, I'd go for both.  As great as Storyline is, there are some things you may still need Presenter for.  Hopefully, not for long. 

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