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Oct 16, 2012

I'm trying to decide whether to buy storyline or studio, having looked through the site and features etc. the answers to a couple of questions would be helpful:

Does the storyline Questionnaire functionality have all the options that Studio Quizmaker has or is it more basic?

Does Storyline come with characters already installed (if so how many characters & poses) or only the stand alone characters?


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Bruce Graham

Hi Toby/Louise

The Storyline characters, (the illustrated ones), and a basic set of photographic characters are pre-installed. Extra photographic characters will be available - and were available to upgrade customers when SL launched. Not sure what the situation is now.

I cannot remember how many are in the basic photo-set, bit I now have 9 photo characters, 4 men, 5 women.

For the illustrated characters, there are 20 each male and female, in 3 views (left/front/right), 12 expressions, and 33 poses.

The photo characters have 136 (?) poses.

Quizzing is more sophisticated in Storyline, (you can do Freeform Drag and Drop - which is wonderful...) HOWEVER....remember that Studio 13 will be coming out next year, and I am guessing that the Quiz engine will be be synched between the 2 products.

Studio is basically a Powerpoint Add-on, so you get all the functionality there. If that is important, I would stick to that, however, Storyline allows vastly more creative freedom, and remember, is only at v1.0.

I would never return to (current) Presenter - however, Studio 13 will certainly be in my arsenal, because much of the world still expects PowerPoint look, feel and functionality.

Hope that helps.



Hi All,

I currently have Studio 09, I have had this since June 2012.

I am now in the process of looking into Storyline but also understand Studio 13 (think it will be called this) is due out for release at some point in 2013.

My options:

Wait and buy Studio 13


Buy Storyline

I am really not sure what to do.  Studio does appear to be more flexible when designing.

Any thoughts or comments you have would be great.



HR Development Manager

Phil Mayor

I think Storyline is the better p[oduct, but it is also a blank canvas so will take a little bit more work to get unto speed.  I have not used presenter for over a year now since getting hold of Storyline.

I have developed a lot of stuff that could quite simply not be done using Studio and I doubt Sudio 13 would be able to build most of it.

Storyline is by far the more flexible of the two products, however Studio is definitely the easier to use if you are comfortable with Powerpoint.  Storyline has a steeper learning curve, but it will grow with you, Studio does have a limit to what you can achieve.

Simon Perkins

Yep, I second what both Bruce and Phil are saying here.

Best thing to do is give SL a whirl for 30 days, check out the tutorials and see what you come up with.  It's a vastly different beast to Studio 9, however 13 will probably give it a run for its money while retaining its PPT roots.  But 13 is still some way off release ...

Simon Perkins

One of the most practical improvements to 13 is the way it's going to handle importing data into quizzes.  This will be a massive time saver for those who build quiz-centric material.  

Plus it also offers slide transitions.  Okay, some might think this is a bit gimmicky but IMO some of these effects can really add value instead of being there for the sake of it.

Other than that, I don't yet see any real reason I'd consider 13 over SL (if I didn't have SL already of course).

Toby Poulsom

Thanks for the insightful replies folks. Just to dig a little deeper:

I would like to use whichever product I get to create online questionnaires. Rather than give results online I'd just like to get the question answers in a format that I can upload to a MS Access DB for interrogation. 

I could feasibly get away with the Quizmaker component as a stand alone product. It would be the cheapest purchase, offers some effects and animations etc.  However I'd like the option to include some tutorial type material - which would require more than is on offer on Quizmaker.  So I have a couple more questions:

Is it possible to use quizmaker as a stand alone product and publish quiz file that can be displayed via a website?

In storyline and quizmaker is it possible to send quiz scores to myself via automated email?

If so will they be in a format that I can upload to a DB ie. is it a CSV file or some such?

Are those results stored anywhere on the website hosting the quiz? could this be set up?

Essentially I need to ask a series of questions, use the answers to generate a report (this is a complex report requiring my own bespoke DB) and then independantly e-mail to my client.

Any comments appreciated.

Toby Poulsom

Hi Phil

Thanks for the reply. I dug around in the forum and came across an extensive post about amending JS files and php files to enable email of data and appending results to a txt file.

I want interactivity in the 'survey' and the professional 'feel' that is possible with articulate. I also need the conditional responses etc. I could build my own form components for my website which would collect the data etc but the user experience is key.

At this stage it looks like data capture from Studio is possible with a few simple hacks. I'm leaning towards Storyline though for the single design backend and advanced publishing options. I just need to know if I can e-mail data to myself in a format that wont need manually adjusting before upload to a DB.

Thanks again,


Phil Mayor

The email results trigger has been removed from Storyline beacuse modern browser security porevents it from happening.  Also if users do not have an email client installed then this trigger cannot work.  The same reasons why this is not in Storyline are the reasons why the email results feature will not now work in Quizmaker on occasions.

It is possible to send data via javascript from Storyline, and this way you could probably format it in a way that can be imported into an access database.  

It would probably be easier to use a survey tool to capture this information and most allow conditional responses and allow data to be downloaded in CSV format.

I am sure you will get the help you need on here to achieve what you want using either Storyline or Quizmaker, just not sure it is the best solution

Toby Poulsom

It seems that the results of quizzes etc. are recorded as standard in a LMS along with other data. This makes the discussion of e-mail retrieval redundant for me as DB to DB transfer is simpler. 

Thanks for the helpful comments though.

Also as a note - there is a useful knowledge base but I only stumbled across it by accident and couldn't, for example, know where to find it right now if I wanted to as there don't appear to be direct links to that section of the site.

Ed Franzone

I am a new user of Storyline.  I like its flexibility and enjoy that it's not tied to Power Point templates.

However, I have found that the recording quallity is far inferior to what I experienced with Presenter.  If find the SL audio to sound a bit tinny.

Does anyone have any thoughts regarding the quality of SL audio vs. Studio or Presenter.

Ed Franzone

Hi Peter,

Yes, I adjusted the audio quality settings.  It made an incremental difference.  However, when I play my Storyline audio side-by-side with my Presenter audio, there is a stark difference.

What has been your experience and have you heard this complaint before?

Do you know if the Studio audio is any different from Storyline's.

Thanks for your input.

Peter Anderson

Hey Ed

It sounds to me like you may be experiencing something uncharacteristic of Storyline. If you'd like, we'd be happy to take a closer look at it. Please submit a case, including your .story file, using the link below so our support team can assist you further:


Timothy Gates

I am in the process of purchasing my first ELeaning software. I typically create technical graphics in Visio, paste into PPT and then animate other imported graphics as well as PPT objects to illustrate technical concepts. I don't currently do any more than lecture, narrating the PPTs while capturing in Camtasia Studio. I am the SME for my projects. I realize that I might end up purchasing multiple platforms.

Which of the two SL or AS12 will give me the best start?

Does anyone have opinions about GIF animations vs Flash for illustrating technical concepts.

At your service:

Tim Gates

Christine Hendrickson

Hi J Q,

We're currently working on the next Storyline update. From what I understand there will be a lot of improvements in the next update, but I haven't seen an official list just yet. 

A lot of exciting things are coming, with both Storyline and Studio, and we'll be sure to share any announcements on the Word of Mouth BlogFacebook and Twitter. Be sure to subscribe, if you haven't already! :)

Thanks very much,


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