Storyline web object doen't play in LMS or Scorm Cloud

Followed the directions for inserting a Youtube video which play independently and in the insert window test link. Once Published it doesn't play when I select View Presentation nor when I zip and upload to LMS or Scorm Cloud.  All I get when launching course is the Player template with navigation and title and blank screen.  Any ideas.  Popup blocker is off and the link is good as it plays in the test link.

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David Tait

Yes, in fact it will only run automatically in any environment if it is built to do so.

There are a handful of interactions built in to your module that must be completed before the next button becomes active, is there a particular reason why you want it to run automatically from start to finish?

Amaia Quesada

No, no reason. I just thought that the course would only be glitch-free if scorm cloud would run it automatically. But now I understand that it's not the case if I have interactions, which is what I want for my course.

So if I launch all my modules on scorm cloud and I am able to run though manually, that means there is nothing incorrect in the course or is there are things in the coding that I should also be looking at(e.g: red lines)?

Thanks again!

David Tait

If your course works in SCORM Cloud it is a good indication that it 'should' work in many other SCORM-compliant LMS'.

You are also looking for the completion status to be reported to the LMS, i.e., Complete/Incomplete or Pass/Fail etc depending on your publish settings. See here for some useful info (see step 5):

Amaia Quesada

Thanks, that was very helpful.

One more question, our LMS expert says that if I export as scorm 1.2, I need to be aware that the suspend_data field, is limited to 4Kbytes, versus the 64Kbytes allowed by the SCORM 2004 standard; and that if users navigate and interact a lot, the suspend_data can grow up and exceed the limit, causing loss of information.
Therefore it sounds more safe to use SCORM 2004 but there he says that our platform is only compatible with SCORM 2004 3rd edition and not with the 4th edition. The scorm 2004 in which Storyline exports, is it 3rd or 4th edition?

Thanks again

Diane Anderson

Hi Folks,

I am having an issue similar to what I have seen here. I'm using Articulate Presenter.

I am using a web object to launch a YouTube video. (I added "?&rel=0" to end of the URL to block the related videos at the end.)

I uploaded the SCORM to Articulate Tempshare and everything worked great. But, the video would not launch in my LMS.

I saw the issue David mentioned to change the web object to use https instead of http. That worked for me. I uploaded my file to SCORM cloud and it is working there (before changing from http to https an empty screen appeared when launched in SCORM cloud.)

So now it works in SCORM cloud, but it still won't work when I upload to my LMS.

Any ideas on what to check?