Storyline with SCORM Cloud - Did you do that instead of integrating with your LMS

As I mentioned in another post, I've been testing a variety of elearning tools and Storyline is my favorite.

Unfortunately, I was not able to integrate it with Canvas; the ZIP files worked in SCORM cloud but not Canvas, and vendors are sending me back to each other to solve it. I can only imagine the trouble I will go through if I try to do this long term as I can't get even one to work properly.

Did any of you instead upload your Articulate files to SCORM Cloud, and how has that been for you? I already have some HTML5 files in SCORM cloud, so we have an account and I'm prepared to move forward with it.

Offline, people have been sharing with me that they couldn't make Canvas and Articulate play nicely. I appreciate their feedback, and I'm hoping to find a work around.

Also, I don't think we can afford the storyline online service.

Thanks in advance. k


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