Storyline won't allow change

Jan 19, 2016

I'm having a problem where when I start with a blank slide and then try to change the action from: "go to next slide when pressing the "next" button", to..."go to next slide when timeline ends" (or in fact any change), I make the change in the appropriate dropdown, click "OK", but the action has not changed in the panel on the far right.  The only way I can make it work is by deleting any of the existing actions over there and creating new ones with the correct option.

Any idea why it won't accept the change after I hit "OK", or as an alternative, is there a way to generate a new slide so that it doesn't automatically have an action there pre-set to "go to next slide when hitting next" I don't have to delete it and then create a new one?  

Or can I change the preset so everytime I create a new blank slide it has an action already set to "go to next slide when timeline ends?"

Can I also have new slides automatically already be set to FADE on from the previous slide so I don't have to program that change it from a CUT on every slide?

Thank you.

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