Storyline won't publish. Deadline this morning.

I have followed the steps in this thread:

When I try to uninstall MS .NET Framework 2.0, it tells me "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 cannot be uninstalled because it will affect other applications that are installed. For more information, see"

That url takes me here:

and I'm in over my head. I have repaired, uninstalled/reinstalled Storyline, and now this. My project is due today.

p.s., SL WILL publish to Word, just not to web or LMS.

UPDATE: Got it to publish for LMS, but with HTML5 option turned off. This will work for today, but why should I begin having the problem out of the blue? I have published this file before...

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Patricia Turner

Okay, I submitted a case for this and turned out there was nothing wrong with the file. Eventually, I was able to publish again.

Now, months later, on a different computer with a different Storyline app at a different company, the same thing. I can publish, just not with "Include HTML5 output" turned on. 

I can't believe no one else has had this problem. I just hope I can publish later today. Pulling my hair out here.

Melanie M

Your issue might be bigger than this, but have you tried just restarting your computer? I have had similar issues that occur out-of-the-blue with multiple programs before and 95% of the time just restarting my computer fixes it.

This is only if you make it a habit of not completely shutting down your computer everyday. If you do shut down everyday then this probably wouldn't help you.

Hope everything works out for you!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matthew,

If it's one specific .story file, I'd first try importing it into a new project and see if that publish works. If you're able to see that it stops publishing on a particular slide (Publishing slide 24 of 45...) then I'd try looking at that specific slide to remove it or any elements that may be causing the issue. 

If it just doesn't publish at all - no indication of a particular slide causing the issues - it may be the file itself having some level of corruption. To prevent corruption in the future, you'll want to follow the directions here to ensure you work from a local drive as working off a network/USB drive could cause you to encounter some errors or issues with your file.