Storyline won't publish to SCORM in VMware Fusion


I work on a team of three Instructional Designers. Two of us - myself and Allison - are collaborating to build an e-learning course. We each work on our part of the course, then one of us uploads our part to Box, the other person downloads it from Box and merges the two decks together. Finally, that person will publish the deck. This has worked for us on and off. Yesterday, we both could not publish. We'd see the bar start to move across the screen, but it would only say "publishing" and wouldn't say "encoding" at any point. Then we'd get an error message. Our third teammate, Matt, was able to pull our same file from Box and publish it for us. We all use the same type of computer - a MacBook Pro with VMware fusion installed - so we need to figure out why he is successful in publishing the file when Allison and I are not. Which settings should we check to troubleshoot this? If anyone else has experienced this and knows of a possible solution, even better!

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Matthew Bibby

I use VMWare Fusion and I've never had this issue. Are you all running the same version of VMWare and OS X?

I think the issue probably stems from you working from a Box sync folder. While it is a folder on your computer, it also works like a network drive which is known to cause issues with SL.

You should always work on the files locally...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emily,

I know you're also discussing this issue with my colleague John on our Support team. As Matthew mentioned (and possibly John shared already) you'll want to ensure you're working within the Windows environment exclusively and saving the files locally. You may also want to review the information here that is specific to Parallels but good reminders for within a virtual environment.