Storyline won't run on my profile - help please

Hi there,

I have installed storyline and applied the registration key but now I can't run storyline under my user profile (even if I have local admin rights).

I can assess it as other users profiles just not my own.

I also tried installing the trial on another pc at work and same problem other users can access but there is some conflict with my user profile that make it stop working instantly.

Any suggestions? The IT guys are completely stumped.



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Tristan Hunt

Hi Ashely,

Yes this was done. When it was installed I didn't have admin rights so it ran under the admin profile.

They only gave me local admin rights after we discovered the issue to see if this was a potential fix.

As I said anyone else using my pc can run it but there is a conflict with my profile as I have the same issue no matter which PC I use.



Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Tristan for confirming that element as well. Since it seems to be connected to your user profile, I'd look at at continuing to work with your IT team. Also, since you mentioned working off a few different PCs I did want to confirm that you're all accessing a locally installed copy of Storyline - as we don't support installing it within a server environment such as Citrix.