Storyline wont start

Hi Everybody

After a Change from Vista to Windows 10 Enterprise on the same mashine (i7-6820HQ CPU, 32 GB RAM, 64 Bit) the new Installation of Storyline 360 doesn't start. Had problems with the installation itself, but finaly did it, but the software doesn't start. Only the Splash screen for 3 Sec appeares and in the Task Manager Storyline pops up briefly, too, before it is gone again.
The old Installation was completely removed.
Looking Forward to any suggestions.
Best Regards,

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Marion,

Thank you for reaching out! 

I am sorry about the snags you are running into after updating to Windows 10. Since Storyline 360 is malfunctioning, it may help to reinstall the application. This guide provides a walkthrough that should help rectify this issue:

Please keep us updated on this and let us know if you continue to have any trouble!