Storyline WorkBook Featuring a Major Project Exmple

Do you know of a Storyline workbook which teaches user Storyline software by the user doing  one major step by step example project in it--with author's annotations as needed? This workbook would be similar to well- established workbooks like "Inside AutoCAD" for that software. Ideally this workbook would start with objective of producing one major corporate project broken into its chapters starting with the simplest setup phase of first chapter to built-up sophisticated subsequent chapters of middle and ending phases. This way all features of Storyline software are utilized through 100% visually understood, sequential,  and focused instructions. Also this workbook could have several sophisticated project examples. If you know of such a workbook please send me an information email about it at Many Thanks, Cyrus.

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Cyrus Pakzad

Is anyone interested in writing a workbook for Storyline 2 as I have described it in my original post above? You need to be an expert Storyline 2 user and have a corporate project for its content to execute. We can change the names and pictures of your corporate project for confidentiality purposes, however it must be a real project with a real communication goal (i.e. changing attitude and behavior of some employees in a given department). I will provide all writing and editing of this book including its audience need assessment, strategy, tactics, etc. You would need a dual computer system which captures all your printable keystrokes of Storyline 2 as you navigate and execute your commands. After receiving your keystrokes I will redo the same project on my computer while adding instructions and annotations for ultimate users of this workbook. The finished workbook will be about 15 chapter long. As long as the workbook covers most features of Storyline 2, our goal would be complete, as users will pick up the rest of software features on their own. Target audience for such a workbook will be college course students and corporate professionals. Such a workbook if as successful as the Inside AutoCAD published by McMillan (or any of the Shelly Cashman computer application workbooks published by Thomson Learning/ could sell about 1 million copies worldwide. I have had 23 years of computer applications teaching experience and been staff-writer of the Hollywood Reporter, and I have done instruction design similar to this for General Telephone of California many years ago. We will split the royalties from such a workbook 50-50. If interested in this collaboration please send me an email with your bio and corporate project that you have in mind for the content of this project. My email address is I hope that I hear from some of you with right qualifications for a possible project. Best, Cyrus.