Storyline2 forgetting saved state.

Jan 24, 2017

Hi, having problem with my Storyline2 courses.

My menu is set at "restricted" which works fine - users advance through the course only able to go back to previously viewed screens via the menu. If the course is closed - it reopens at the point they left off and the menu still working as requires -"restricted". All OK.

The problem occurs when a user finishes a course, then exits, the LMS updates as "completed" - which is good. But if they decided to open course again to review the learning,  they have to start again from the start.. the menu is still restricted and has forgotten the course was completed..  

Hope you can follow that ?? lol!




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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Helmy! 

How have you set up the Resume Behavior in your course? If you have selected Prompt to resume, the learner will see this message when they revisit the course:

If the learner clicks no, the course will start completely fresh, and the restricted navigation will reset. It sounds like you'll want to change the Resume Behavior to Always resume so the user can use the menu to jump back to the first slide in the course and navigate freely without restriction. 

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Prospect Digital

Alyssa, maybe I am not explaining correctly. The "Prompt to resume" is  already selected as outlined above. I've been working on hundreds of courses and consider my self expert and know all settings.

The problem is  -  a course is marked "completed" on a LMS ( you get to last page and exit). This "completed" course is then reopened (as a student might do to review the learning), the "Prompt to resume" never appears (although it does if course in NOT completed).


I would expect it to "Prompt to resume" and return you to the last screen (exit screen).


Sorry cannot share as client will kill me !!


Kyle Main

FYI for people on this thread.  The restricted menu with always resume is not working for me in SL360.

The course will remember what slide I'm on, but all of the previous slides are now locked again.  My users are stuck in the middle of a course or on 1 slide and can't use the menu to go forward or backwards.

in this image, the dimmed text in the menu is the current slide and the white text is Un-visited slides.  With this set to restricted, and the only way to get to the next slide for any of them is to have the timeline end and jump them to the next slide.  So this really should be impossible for a user to not be able to use the menu to jump back to the first or previous slides.


Kyle Main

I'm willing to beta test, since there are so many issues, I think a community this great would have enough people willing to help make the product stable before a release to everyone with varied clients/jobs that are depending on the software to work.

Also, is there a way to jump back to previous versions of SL360?  It would also be nice to jump back to SL2 where things worked (I know Adobe does this, is this something Articulate is thinking about doing?)

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kyle,

I just responded to a similar comment you posted over here,  so I wanted to link that for anyone following along.

There isn't an option to save a Storyline 360 project as a previous version, but Storyline 360 can be installed side by side with Storyline 2 on the same computer. That way you have the option of working from either version. Just keep in mind Storyline 360 projects can't be opened, edited, or published with previous versions of Storyline.

Alyssa Gomez

The ability to save a Storyline 360 file as Storyline 2 is not a feature that is on our roadmap at this time, but if that's something that would make life easier for you, you're welcome to share your thoughts with our product team here.  And in case you're interested, you might find a sneak peek of what’s down the road for Articulate 360 here...we update that page with new features that are definitely on the way!

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