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Kevin Thorn

Hi Melissa,

You have everything setup correctly. The Lightbox works as it's supposed to but the problem is somehow affecting slide 6.1 and rendering it transparent. The content on the slide is there but the *slide* is not.

I've never seen this before and appears to be a bug of some kind. I'd suggest submitting this issue to the Articulate Engineers through a support ticket.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Catherine!

I took a look at Melissa's case. Our team was able to see the behavior reported, but they were able to correct the issue by creating a new slide master and copy/pasting the problematic slide into a new slide as well.

We did not hear back from the user to know if her issue was corrected or if she needed further assistance.

If you have a file that you would like our team to take a look at, you are welcome to share here.

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