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Virginia Driscoll

Hi, Ashley,

I have tried to recreate the triggers, checked for updates and contacted support. So far, nothing is working. You've helpd me on issues with S1 before and it's a basic Pick One question bank where the right answer triggers a correct layer; wrong answer an incorrect layer with an Audio layer called on the base and feedback layers. All check boxes to hide other layers are deselected and the audio layer is set to "reset to initial state" upon revisiting, with a "hide this layer" when user clicks outside of command and a "close layer placeholder." The problem is, the timeline for the feedback layer is paused or gets hung up because a "continue" button should appear after 3 seconds and does not. Nor does the audio get a call when the feedback layer is selected. It's all rather maddening. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Virginia,

I see the case you submitted to our support team yesterday, so I can follow along as they investigate that issue. 

In regards to opening the file, how were you able to determine it was corrupted? Was there an error message? You'll want to make sure you're opening the file with the appendage of SL Back up as anything created in SL2 won't be able to open in SL1.