Storyline2: Publish to AICC

In need of help, advice, or workaround...

I have a client who is trying to publish 6 SL2 modules. They provided me with the publishing specs of needing AICC and LMS set to Passed/Failed. They can get the modules to run but not push to the LMS when done. The modules have no quiz and instead we are using Tracked (# of slides complete out of # of total slides). Since there is no quiz, will changing the LMS field to Completed/Failed fix this issue? They are using Active Learner as their LMS.

I've never published to AICC before, always SCORM. If anyone can provide clarity or a workaround, it would be appreciated.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Christopher,

Since you tracking based on slides completed out of total slides, my recommendation would be to change the LMS field to Completed/Incomplete. That way, the learners will be able to exit the course, come back, and finish taking it. If you use the Completed/Failed option, they’ll only have once chance at taking the course, and if they don’t complete it, it will be recorded as Failed.

Even though AICC is the oldest standard, it’s still able to track completion, so it should still work. 

You can read more about reporting to an LMS here. Hope this gives you a little more insight into the topic!