Storyline2 published project is not running HTML5 in web browser

Apr 05, 2017



I have an issue, I've published a project and I want to test it in HTML5 in Google Chrome but all I can see is the player button next. The whole slide is vanished.

When I run the story.html version, it runs perfectly fine.

Could someone please help me fix this?

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Ali Goulet

Hey Nurdianna,

Sorry you're running into this roadblock, thanks for sharing the details here! When you're testing the published output, what LMS or Web environment are you uploading it to? My first thought is that if you're testing locally, rather than uploading to an LMS or web environment, that may be what's causing this wonky behavior you're seeing. You'll want to make sure to upload your published output to it's intended environment to test it properly. 

A quick and easy way to test a published for web output on the web is uploading it right to Tempshare. This is a free tool that will create a temporary internet link for you to view your published course on the web. Similarly, for testing LMS courses we recommend uploading it into SCORM Cloud, as it's an industry standard for Learning Management Systems. You can sign up for a free account for testing purposes; it really comes in handy! 

If you're still seeing these issues after testing it out in Tempshare for the web output or SCORM Cloud for the LMS output, would you mind sharing your .story project file here so we can do some additional investigating on our end? You're more than welcome to share it right in the thread here as an attachment on to a comment, or if you'd prefer you can share it privately with our Support Engineers over here. Thanks again!

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