Storyline2: Sample Templates without Side Panel

Hello,  I have an observation to make.  I have noticed hat most of the downloads for Storyline 2 are shown without a side panel and sometimes even losing the scroll bar.  This creates the illusion that the window is much larger and looks so much nicer!  this also lets me assume that many might not use the Notes Panel.

I am not able to do this because my client likes to see the Notes.  Even if I were to create a hidden menu, I still have to deal with the Notes - therefore, I normally need that side panel, which I think breaks up the Screen and gives the illusion that the actual screen is smaller (4:3 Story Size). 

What are your thoughts?  And, if you need to include the Notes, are there any options? 

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas -- Terra


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Nicole Legault

Hi Terra!

When I create downloads I almost always remove the menu (from the left hand side because it makes the download file look much neater and less cluttered with stuff I don't need. Did you know you can move the Notes (or the Glossary, and Menu, and any links in fact) to be a link in the upper left or right hand corner of the player? This might be a potential solution for you. That way it's not cluttering up your slide but it's still available to the learner. 

Hope that idea might help a bit :)

Tom Kuhlmann

I'll echo Nicole's comments. Personally I prefer no menu, but if I need one, then I like to use the top drop down. Of course, my preference has little to do with the client's.

A few thoughts on screen size:

  1. You can modify the aspect ratio of the story file if the default doesn't work for you
  2. By default the player is locked, if you unlock it and have it scale to fill the browser you can change how large it displays for the user. 
Char Larkin

Thanks for all of your feedback.  I had not mentioned that I also in the past have tried the CC option where the text pops up from the bottom.  However, this often can take up precious real estate. 

My work supports a very analytical group for Supply Management and Lean.  Notes is important to them.

Nicole, when you create the Notes tab at the top of the player, what Trigger Action do you use to display the notes?  Or - where are they located?

Yes, I continue to struggle with the right aspect ration so that it fills the browser as much as possible, while also being compatible for iPad use.  I have noticed that this very topic has popped up on a regular basis. 

Thank you -  Terra


Char Larkin

I have a follow up.  After researching more threads about the placement of the Notes tab, I finally realized that I can move the Notes tab to the top of the Player.  I always thought that side panel was separate from the rest of the Player and that Menu/Notes could not move to the top. 

I now have a few more options for my client regarding where the Notes can be located.  However, if it sits at the top, the client will have to be okay with that tab covering a portion of the screen if they wish to view the Notes. 

My hope in the future is that Articulate will have a feature that allows the learner to open and close that side panel  during a course as they desire.

Thanks for your feedback!