Storyline2 Test Samples

Hi all. I'm working with a client on a project that will be fairly media rich from a content perspective - videos, simulations, user interactivity, etc. One of the potential risks is that the product we deliver may be limited by their technology and bandwidth across their network. We've agreed to build a generic "prototype" on a quick turn around that they can test on the preliminary side. 

Before I invent a new wheel, I'm curious if anyone is aware of any test assets that may be readily availbale for such use or that can be easily modified for such.......Thanks in advance, Paul

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Melanie Sobie

Most government videos are not copyrighted, so they could be used in a testing prototype. Here's a link to a some videos that can be downloaded:

In my experience with low-bandwidth networks, if you publish your videos to have a video bitrate of 500 Kbps or lower, and keep the individual video clips under two minutes you will have less issues.