Storyline3 checkboxes capture the enter key?

My project includes triggers so the user can advance by pressing the enter key as an alternative to clicking buttons. (like in many apps and operating systems)

It works in Storyline2.

But it seems to NOT work in Storyline3 where checkboxes are present because - new feature? - Storyline3 captures the enter key for toggling selected state of the focussed check-box?

Is there any workaround for this?

I can use a different key of course. My submit trigger works fine with the right-arrow key for example. But i feel "Enter" is the key that users would expect and I want to use it. (Traditionally i'd expect space-bar to toggle a checkbox btw, and enter to submit.)

Can I disable checkboxes from capturing the enter-key, to make the enter-key available for my own triggers?

Ideally, checkboxes and buttons would be author-configurable which key-press would activate them.  thanks.

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