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I have recently upgraded to Storyline3 from 1 with obvious improvements!  However, in the preview section it's quite different and the desktop preview is not working as I was used to in Storyline1 - I'm hoping it is due to user confusion!

I wish to preview my project exactly as it would appear once published to LMS for users but the desktop preview is not showing any of the next/prev buttons or layers and I have to manually select from the select drop down for each slide which does not represent a user experience.  If I change to tablet format it works as it should for a user, could someone advise what I need to do to correctly preview as a user in desktop format?

Thanks in advance.


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Dorothy Miller

Hi Leslie,  thanks for getting back to me.  Unfortunately, I can't share that particular file but I have found out a bit more that might help.  The issue appears to be with the file upgrade from a Storyline1 project to Storyline3.   I have created a brand new project in Storyline 3 and it has next/prev buttons showing correctly and screen preview looks like a Storyline 1 preview, the Storyline 3 preview for these upgraded projects looks quite different.  Does that help? 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dorothy,

Thanks for that detail! It was just the hint I needed. 

It's something we've seen already with Storyline 360, so it also makes sense you're seeing it in Storyline 3. It's  been reported to our team as a bug, but in the meantime, there is a pretty easy solution:

  • go into the Articulate Player color schemes
  • toggle it from default to another color scheme
  • then back to your default color to get the player buttons to appear