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Wendy Farmer

Hi Yolanda

the correct/incorrect banner should appear along the bottom on all slides but only the graded quiz slides will have the green tick to show the correct response, the freeform slides won't show that.  

If you needed to, you could create a custom review layer with a tick where required.  See attached sample.  The layer must be called Review for it to be picked up during the review process.  I added a button next to the correct item with a green tick. 

Hope this helps

Marie DesJardin

Hello, Wendy.

I'm having this problem  in Storyline 3 - latest update.

All my quiz slides are set to "Automatically decide". I chose this option because I want users to both be able to Review their questions, and Retry the quiz. 

Even when the answers are correct, I get the "Incorrect" banner at the bottom. It's particularly bad on the Matching Drag-n-Drop questions, because all questions are marked wrong within the slide -- even though they're correct. 

I tried recreating the Results slide, and the problem still occurs. Any advice?


Wendy Farmer
Marie DesJardin

All my quiz slides are set to "Automatically decide". I chose this option because I want users to both be able to Review their questions, and Retry the quiz. 

Hi Marie

without seeing your file setup -

are you expecting when the user clicks review they go back to the slide, see the answer and then retry? or do the full review then come back to the Result slide, then retry the entire quiz. Could be something with the triggers.  

Can you share the story file?

Michelle Leon

Thanks for your assistance, Leslie. Ideally, I would like the learner to attempt the Checkpoint question. If they get it right, they move on to the next question. If they get it wrong, they view the content then are redirected back to the Checkpoint question for another attempt. They should not be able to move on to the next question until they pass this one.

From what you describe, it seems like they have to take all three questions before they can go back and retry.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michelle. Try changing the number of attempts on the question to more than one. It will add a Try Again layer. I see you have a Try Again layout as well, so I deleted the standard "Try Again" feedback and manually added a Try Again layer, applying your layout. I had to create the triggers to hide that layer and to jump to slide 1.3, but it seems to work.

I attached your modified file so you can have a closer look!

Michelle Leon

Hi Crystal! Thanks for taking the time to do that. So I published your version. I failed the first question then when it came up again, I passed it. I passed the next two (no retrying) and when I click Review Results, there is a red "Incorrect" tab across all three questions even though it tells me I passed.

As a side note, the scoring is not adding up which I think will affect the Results Slide and telling the LMS whether or not the module is complete.

Incorrect tab

Crystal Horn

Oh, I'm sorry about that, Michelle. You can set the slide properties to "resume saved state" when revisiting. The answers you chose will still be Selected, but you can change them to try the question again. We have an issue where the wrong feedback is showing during quiz review when the slide is reset to the initial state when revisiting.

You'll also want to add triggers to "hide this layer" when the user clicks the continue button on the feedback layers, making sure that trigger comes before the trigger to jump to the next slide.

Let me know if that works for you! I'll keep this discussion posted about the quiz review issue.