Storyline360: How can I have the same questions drawn from Question Bank appear during retry?

I have a course with 85 questions in a question bank. The draw is set up to draw 30 questions. We allow 3 attempts. I've added the review button, so when the learner reviews the 30 questions to see what he got right or wrong, it's not that helpful, because a new set of 30 questions comes up in the 1st and 2nd retries. When setting up the retry, is there a way for the learner to repeat the same 30 questions from the first attempt, or is Storyline's default to create a new draw for each attempt?

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Stephen!

Thanks for your post, and that's a great question.

First, did you check the Draw questions randomly option? If yes, Storyline will draw a new set of random questions each time learners click the Retry button.

I'm happy to document this feature idea for my team and will update you on any changes!

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