Storyline360 : incompatibility with SumTotal ?

Jun 07, 2017


One of our customers is having trouble playing SCORM 1.2 contents produced with Storyline360: the SCORM module apparently imports without a hitch but, when played, only gives out a blank screen.

Unfortunately our customer cannot give us access to his SumTotal platform nor get any error feedback from it.

Has anyone ever experienced this kind of problem?
All SumTotal users tips welcome...


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Anik,

Thanks for reaching out! Has your customer tested this in various browsers? If so, are they getting a blank screen each time?

I would also recommend testing the file in SCORM Cloud. This will help determine if the issue is related to SumTotal or the actual project file itself. If you are able to replicate the blank screen in SCORM Cloud, be sure to send the .story file to us to take a peek.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Natasha!

Happy to help! Are you using SumTotal or you are noticing blank slides? 

I would look into seeing if this occurs in a specific browser or all browsers. Also, how are you publishing the project? Here are the system requirements for Storyline 360.

The last thing I would make sure of is that you're saving your files locally, rather than using a shared network.

Leah Abernathy

Hi Natasha,

We just purchased SumTotal and are working through UAT Testing so I happen to possibly have an resolution for you. We were expereincing this issue when playing in IE mainly.

We had to go adjust the SumTotal settings on the Learning activity for the E-learning and check the None radio button option for the Content Player Settings on screen display. We also have to check the box for "Open content player in native mode (applies only to SCORM content) option and all of our issues with the white screen went away. 

Hope this may help you!

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