Storyline360 LMS iOS issue

Jun 13, 2017

Dear Support Team

I'm facing an issue with a Storyline360 publication (HTML 5 LMS scorm 1.2 Publication) on iOS.
The exported module seems to trigger an error in the browser (error message "A problem occurred with this web page so it was reloaded." appears on Safari) which reloads the page, leading consequently to an "LMS API not found" error.

I've tried to launch the module on different LMS pateforms (Crossknowledge, Drupal, Moodle, and others).
I've tried different iOS devices iphones 5 and 6, ipad2, with different versions (from 8 to 9.3.5).
I've tested Chrome browser on ipad, resulting on the browser's crash.

I've also tried all advises made in various forums (most of them concerning Safari settings and memory clean) but the issue is still occuring.

The same module works perfectly fine on Windows and Unix OS, with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE/Edge.

I've tested an simple Storyline360 publication (non-LMS purpose) on a local server. Safari reloads the page with the same error message.

My Storyline version is v3.6.11979.0.

Do you have any idea about this issue's origin or solution ?


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Luke Hamilton

Hi Leslie, my team is running into the same issue with a few of our courses crashing on iOS devices.  We have tested on safari and receive the API error.  I attached an image of what we get on our end.  When testing in Chrome on iOS it crashes with no message as Ismael stated above.  It only impacts a few of our courses and all that are impacted work fine on PC.  Unfortunately some of our users only have iPads so a quick fix would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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