Storyline360 - "New Heading" in Menu doesn't link to the right slide

It's easier to show than to describe. Nevertheless see attached PDF. Short description:

  • The *.story consists of ONE scene (more scenes would make the navigation way to complicated)
  • Two menu entries needed sub slides, so I created new headings in the menu dialog box and demoted the relevant slides
  • Problem: Starting the course and clicking on the heading doesn't show the demoted slide following this heading but starts from the beginning of the course.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks ! Hermann

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hermann,

Sorry you've run into this--we're seeing the same thing. In HTML5, clicking the heading will jump to the next slide from where you left off instead of jumping to the first slide under that heading. 

We're working through this, and I'll pop back in here to let you know as soon as I have an update. Thanks again for bringing this up!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Gabriel,

The bug Hermann mentioned in his original post happens when clicking on a custom player menu heading in Storyline 360. When clicking on the custom heading, the heading will hide or collapse the menu and will jump to the next slide from where you left off. Is this similar to what you're seeing?

shawna gig

Has this been fixed yet?

In the mean time, I have come up with a simple work around by just adding the first slide in each section twice. The top one, I changed the name to what I wanted the header name to be, and then made the slides below its sub menu. I did this for each section and it worked IF you want the header to be clickable and to go to the first slide in the section.



Is my issue the same? Some users may not click on the "little triangle arrow" to expand the slides under the heading, but they'll click on the words of the heading, wanting to expand what's under it. I want the heading to expand what's underneath, not to go to some slide I didn't specified. Is this the same issue on this thread? If so, is there a solution yet?

Shayna Bramley

This sounds like the same issue. The solution is to split up the slides into Scenes. The ‘Scene Title’ will appear in the menu (replacing your ‘heading’) and when you click on it, it will take you to the first slide in the scene. Adding a ‘Heading’ in the publishing settings does not appear to work. If a user clicks on an added ‘Heading’, it sends them to a random slide. This is a known bug and I believe the Talent team have it on their To Do List.