Storyline360 quiz/course not showing complete on SuccessFactors LMS

Feb 08, 2017

NEW here... I read a few other discussions on this topic but I cant find a solution. I created a collection of different quizzes in SL360. the course runs separate and the test/quiz is separate. The course is remote and has no communication to the LMS - it just launches the content, it plays and then you close it - no tracking that you viewed the content. THEN we host a quiz that will give the complete.

The quiz is not properly sending the complete to SuccessFactors. It loads the quiz and works perfectly. just at the end it will not complete. 

Using Scorm 1.2 . Also tested AICC with same result. I confirmed that the push is for "Complete" and we have it set to complete on the LMS. 

Ironically, we are having a similar issue with a new RISE course with the quiz as part of the same file and it not completing. The courses were all tested on SCORM CLOUD. 3 weeks ago the course did give a complete but now it is not reporting as complete...


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Philip.  Thanks for reaching out!  Regarding your Storyline quiz...I'm curious if you are using the standard results slide to send completion status or if you are using JavaScript to send completion to your LMS.  Also, to clarify, did your Storyline quiz report completion properly 3 weeks ago?  If you're able to share your .story file, we'd be happy to have a look.

For the Rise course, we recently released an update which improved reporting completion status.  If you haven't exported your course since January 24, 2017, would you mind trying again and seeing if you notice a difference in the LMS reporting?  If not, we'd love to work with you in a support case to test your course on our end.

Philip Raimondo

Good info. Thanks. Yes, we republished since the 24th of Jan with some of our RISE courses. I will check again to be sure. That could be part of the problem.

As for the Java script I need to check. more to follow. The storyline quizzes are new and have not ever been used. We are trying to get them to complete.

Philip Raimondo

Well, I think we have a solve for the issue, at least for the RISE Course and I hope this helps others using SuccessFactors LMS.

Basically the RISE course will provide the flash and html5 versions. We loaded the base index and it worked to load the course but not report back the complete... we found a not so obvious index link with API. Try this link extension instead of the regular index....It is in the scormdriver folder, not the root folder.


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