Storylines -- Font Size in Format Box Different than on Screen

Oct 12, 2012


I noticed that if on the slide I highlight the text and mark the font size to 24, the size doesn't always stay at 24 on the slide screen. I realize this is probably becuase I added additional text to the screen and the program automatically decreased the font so everything would fit. 

Why doesn't the font size number change in the font size box (in Font Group under Home Tab)?

I realized the difference when I previewed the presentation- the words would decrease or increase in size enough to make it noticeable. Now I'm not sure how to go back and ensure everything is the smae font size. When I highlight a "smaller font it shows as 24 font).



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Jenny Seitz

Our IT department doesn't let us use that program on our computer.  Here is the items Ive "snipped" from the screen for a better example. I can see looking at these in this way it doesn't look like anything is different. When the content is playing, the fonrt size is different... it shrinks a little. So if I highlight the text on Slide 1 the font is showing as 24 point.  It doesn't look like that on the screen. It really looks like size 20 or 22.

Maybe it's me. When you watch the entire module you can see the difference. When I go back to the slide to check the fonts are listed the same. It's been hard to ensure the same font size for the text on the different slides.

 Thanks for any advice you can provide.


Grant Robertson

Great to see Jenny resolved her problem. It seems as if it's pretty common (and frustrating) for new users. I spent (wasted) a good while trying to work that one out!

It is worth noting the initial problem - despite Storyline doing its autofit magic, it does not simultaneously indicate that it's changing font size. So the information the program is providing the user is actually incorrect, as Phil and Jenny have both pointed out.

It would be great if it could accurately reflect the screen size. I realise a work around is increasing/decreasing until the font visibly changes size, so you know what size it actually is, but a manual requirement to measure font size is surely not a user's responsbility? A fix in the next version would be useful.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

I hadn't thought about making a feature request. I've just been going in and setting everything to "do not autofit" for a long time now.

Out of curiosity, I just inserted a caption shape in PowerPoint. The default option is do not autofit. And, after changing it to "Shrink text on overflow" and typing within the caption shape while viewing the font size box on the Home tab, you can actually see the point size decrease as more text is typed into the caption shape.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for chiming in and letting us know that you've run into this with Storyline 360 as well, Kevin.

We do have an issue filed with our team to look into and I've added this conversation to the report so that we can share any updates with you here.

I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

Katie Riggio

Hello, Frances. Thanks for reaching out!

I'm going to submit the ability to default textboxes to 'Do not autofit' as a Feature Request on your behalf, so you should get an email confirmation about it shortly!

For your second question: There is a way to change the property value for multiple slides! 

Simply click the first slide in the scene in Story View while holding down the Shift key and then click the last slide. That will highlight all the slides, and you can then change that setting to By User. 😀

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