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Apr 04, 2013

Hello Guys,

I am working on creating a project that have defined areas that look something like this:

CONTEXT: All our projects and videos follow 16:9 ratio specifically 1280x720 to make it "mobile device friendly". I use the built in screenrecording of storyline using the 16:9 ratio (720x405) and insert them as "Try Mode".

ISSUE: The screenrecording  fills up the entire screen which I don't want to happen as I want to have areas where I can put in the question and hints/feedback. I realize I can achieve this if I set the story size to follow 4:3 ratio but that's not what we want for the project size.

ASK: Is there a way for me to achieve this? To have the screenrecording not fill the screen when the storysize is following the same aspect ratio?

I hope somone answers soon! I really need help!

Thanks Guys!


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Donna Morvan

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the late reply.. didn't think to check back till today. Anyways, here it goes..

Initial Setup

1. I adjusted the storysize to 16:9 default that comes with Storyline (720x4050)

2. Captured the screenrecording following 16:9 aspect ratio as well (1280x720)


3. Insert the slides as "Try Mode". As expected, it will fill the whole slide.


4. I Adjusted the storysize again.. still following 16:9 ratio (1024x576) then adjusted all other settings.. see screenshot

 - Lock Aspect Ratio (Checked)

- Choose Fill Background (since the storysize is larger)

- Then just choose the position (I picked Top Right)

So I ended up with this Layout. - - - This is the Slide View but as you can see the screencapture try mode is where I want it to be.. WOOT!  (I'm still working on the actual look and feel but I'm happy that we can do this in storyline!)

NOTES: You have to do trial and error when it comes to the resolution you want it to be customized to.. I learned that when you change your mind and say.. you want to shrink the size again - the actual video shrinks with it!!!  To address this, you have to crop so that the video size will stay at its current size and you're really just adjusting the actual project size (I hope that makes sense). See screenshot.

After you click Next.. if will give the option to drag and figure out the positioning. This way.. there will be no changes with your image size or video size.. etc.

 Hope this helps!

Try it out!


Donna Morvan

Hello Metta,

The only thing that comes to mind is to re-insert your video files but before you do so, adjust the story to the appropriate size. The tricky part about all this is you have to really know before hand the resolutions you will be working with.

Resolution of the video vs Resolution/size of the Storyline project.

1. Figure out at what resolution you captured your screenrecordings.

2. Adjust the storysize to increase the width so you can use the bottom for CC.

3. When you adjust the storysize, set to Fill Background and choose Top Center (see the screenshots provided above)

Hope this helps,


Tricia DePasquale

I am having the toughest time trying to figure out the story size, the recording resolution, and the Browser settings in the player. I'm trying to capture a wide SAP application, want to have a section for added content, and want to minimize the need to scroll but also keep the try it size large enogh for the user to be able to read the fields. Any helpful tips? I'm frustrated.

David Manning

Tricia DePasquale said:

I am having the toughest time trying to figure out the story size, the recording resolution, and the Browser settings in the player. I'm trying to capture a wide SAP application, want to have a section for added content, and want to minimize the need to scroll but also keep the try it size large enogh for the user to be able to read the fields. Any helpful tips? I'm frustrated.

Hi Tricia, 

I'd suggest you draw out some boxes on a slide (I like using a master slide) to figure out how you're going to use your screen real estate. Here's my suggestion: 

1 - Figure out the screen resolution of your users, e.g. 1920x1080

2 - Figure out the minimum resolution required size for your SAP screens, e.g. 1024x768

3 - Subtract each dimension to find out what you're left to work with. E.g. horizontal: 1920-1024=896 pixels. vertical: 1080-768=312 pixels. 

4 - Draw out your frames on the screen to figure out a workable layout. 

Sherrie French

Is there no way to change the default to insert a video at one of the preset locations (top center, bottom center, etc.) rather than just the middle center?

If I understand this correctly, I'll have to record all my simulations first, insert then, resize my story, then build my navigation and course content around it. The chance of that running smoothly and not requiring me to start over with a new project regularly is slim.

Does anyone have best practices to deal with this issue? Or am I not aware of a feature that would let me set the default location of an inserted video?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sherrie,

There isn't a setting to change the location of a video when inserted, unless you using a slide master with a placeholder for media. I'm unsure from your post though if you're inserting a standard video or a screen recording created within Storyline. A regular video would allow for the placeholder method, where as the screen recording video will be automatically inserted once you've completed (either as video on a single slide or as step by step, the latter which will actually become part of your background). If you record your screen using Storyline's screen recording feature at a smaller size than your overall story size you would see it appear in the middle with no need to adjust the story size after the fact.

Sherrie French

I was referring to the Storyline screen recordings. I want them to be located at the top of my slide, leaving room for directions or steps at the bottom. But it always locates in the center which, in the case of my training modules, will never work. I've submitted a feature request to allow us to determine the placement.

If anyone has a best practice for managing a project that includes the view, try, test features of the Storyline screen recording located somewhere other than the default center, I would love to hear about it.


Joe Bessette

I had a slightly different situation, but along the same idea of resizing. I recorded a step-by-step video as a Show Me using the standard 720 size in Storyline. However, I had previously set my background size to that which is recommended for most players. So I ended up with a video that resides in the center of the background template. What to do?

Tried zooming, but with 50+ slides that's not going to work as the zoom function will provide a noticeable jump as the learner progresses through the slide. So I read through the posts here and thought, what if I simply resized the story using crop, assessed the size that worked for me (took me two tries, a little lucky there), and selected Resize All Slides.

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Voilà, I now have a video that fits the entire background. To resize back to my original coordinates I simply Custom > resize > Scale to Fit and my video fills the screen.


Hope this helps someone.

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