StoryView Create Two Paths

Hi! I have a course that will lead to two separate paths in Story View. I've added triggers on two images. By clicking one of the two images, it will bring you to one of the two paths and vice versa. How can I mark the completion of these paths? (User must finish the two paths and it will bring them to the completion page for LMS) 



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David Schwartz

Hi Elijah,

A bunch of ways you could do this, but my suggestion would be to create two T/F variables, one for each path. On the last screen of each path, I would set the associated variable to true. The Next button at the end of each path would take the user back to the screen with the two images. 

On that branching screen, I would have a trigger on start of the timeline to disable its Next button if either of the T/F variables is set to False. That Next button would have a trigger to take the user to the completion page, but of course the user can't use it unless both branches have been completed.

For the user's sake, I would add a completed state to each of those images (maybe include a checkmark on that state for instance), triggered to show if the given T/F variable is true.