Stoyline file is being used by other process


After updated, the storyline always cannot be opened and  pop up the window "The file is being used by other process...... Make a copy of your projuct, then try to open the new file".

Is there are any other solutions in stead of copying multiple times? The issue lets us created so many copy files in a period. Thanks.




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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Sandra!

Thanks for writing in!

That message typically appears when working from a network drive due to latency. Adam's tip is a solid one, and I've got a few more to add:

  • Move the Storyline file to a local drive, and then try to open it from there

    Note: You can place a copy of the project on a shared drive for backup purposes, but avoid reopening the file until you've moved it back to a local hard drive. More on this here!

  • Launch Storyline, and then open the course file from there

Let me know if you have any more questions. I'm happy to help!